LEARN and EARN – The more you (l)earn, the quicker you($)earn

“MYLI’S Learners are Earners”

MYLI utilizes a Learn and Earn Work Opportunity Incentive Program to reward participants/members for goal achievement and successful program completion. Members earn incentive when they are given access to available work opportunities from MYLI Partners on the MYLI Project/Jobs Board under the supervision of the MYLI-FIT Team. Allowing members to supplement their income and/or build assets as they make learning, development and personal growth a priority.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in our programs, individuals must:

  • Be between the ages of 15-35
  • Obtain parental consent for participation (applicable for ages 15-18)
  • At minimum, be a Secondary School Graduate 
  • Reside in the metropolitan area 
  • Have a low- to moderate- household income
  • Be highly motivated to learn new skills
  • Commit to our program attendance policy
  • Communicate regularly with program staff/volunteers
  • Abide by all program policies and procedures


Attendance Policy

Our attendance policy allows for up to 1 excused absence for our Mentoring, Metamorphoo, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy programs; and up to 2 excused absences for our Life Skills Training program. We understand that emergencies happen and students may need to be excused from class. We ask that students communicate and anticipate absence with our program staff and make arrangements to make up any missed work. Students who missed the maximum number of program sessions allowed may be removed from the program and/or forfeit part or all of the allotted program incentives.

Enrollment Steps

For our Life Skills, Entrepreneurship, Metamorphoō and Mentoring Programs, the following steps are additional:

  • Complete an Online Orientation and Completion Quiz
  • Take the MYLI Skills Assessment 
  • Review results virtually or by phone with program staff
  • Earn and Learn

MYLI utilizes an Earn and Learn Incentive Program to reward Members for goal achievement and successful program completion. Members earn incentive for each curriculum component they successfully complete (e.g. training and mentoring sessions), by being given access to available Work Opportunities/Projects posted by Partners on our Projects Board allowing them to supplement their income and/or build assets as they make learning, development and personal growth a priority. They can also earn bonus money by completing Volunteer Projects or Community Service activities. All incentives are distributed to participants on upon successful program completion

MYLI-Tekedia Mini-MBA

MYLI-Tekedia Mini-MBA is an innovation management 14-week program, optimized for business execution and growth, with a digital operational overlay. The theme is Innovation, Growth & Digital Execution – Techniques for Building Category-King Companies. All contents are self-paced, recorded, and archived which means participants do not have to be at any scheduled time to consume content. Besides, programs are designed for ALL sectors, from fintech to construction, healthcare to manufacturing, agriculture to real estate, etc.

Our Faculty members come from Microsoft, Google, Shell, Flutterwave, Nigerian Breweries, NNPC, Jobberman, Coca-Cola, PwC, BUA Cement, and other great organizations. Besides pre-recorded courseware, thrice weekly, we hold live Zoom sessions (Tue, Thur, and Sat at 7pm WAT).

The sector- and firm-agnostic management program comprises videos, flash cases, challenge assignments, labs, written materials, webinars, etc, and is delivered by a global faculty coordinated by Engr. Efosa Idemudia and Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe.

Program Dates

June 2 – September 3, 2024


Program Format

3 Virtual Training Sessions Weekly

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 

Certificates of achievement will be awarded at the end of the program. to participants who successfully complete the 14-week program with an opportunity to pitch and get funding /investments upon graduation.

See Course Syllabus and Faculty

College Entrepreneurship Awareness Program - (Diploma in Entrepreneurship)

The world at large is increasingly waking up to the wonders of young prodigies who have managed to impact modern-day lives through their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. Recognition of entrepreneurship as a separate career option has been more evident through the gradual introduction and proliferation of entrepreneurship courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels across Colleges/Institutions globally.

The College Entrepreneurship Awareness Program (CEAP) is a highly practical program designed for students in colleges (universities, polytechnics, etc.) entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs to nurture their entrepreneurial ambitions and enable new ventures through an academically rigorous, directly relevant and highly practical learning experience.

This course offers entrepreneurial individuals the opportunity to gain the high quality, structured and specific learning. CEAP is an immersive program which begins from self awareness to understanding concepts of entrepreneurship and applying this knowledge for venture creation.


Program Length

8-week program

Program Format

Hybrid (Online & In-person) Training Sessions

Objectives Include:

  • Driving entrepreneurial skills and ambitions
  • Learning to get new ideas and convert them into opportunity
  • Developing business plans and making a pitch to investors community
  • Building networks for entrepreneurship
  • Developing new ventures
  • Building essential personal skills of an entrepreneur

Participants obtain a Diploma in Entrepreneurship upon successful graduation.

See Full Course Details

MYLI-Tekedia Advanced Diploma Track


Advanced Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management


Advanced Diploma in Business Innovation, Growth & Sustainability


Advanced Diploma in Project Management


Advanced Diploma in Risk Management


Advanced Diploma in Business Administration


Advanced Diploma in Innovation & Design Thinking


Advanced Diploma in Accounting, Auditing, Forensics & Taxation

Program Dates

Each track of the Advanced Diploma programs runs for 8 weeks (2 months).


Program Format

A track has no Live Zoom session, and it is completely self-paced and online. The program includes class notes, flash cases and videos, but no webinar.

Postgraduate Program in Entrepreneurship (PEP) - Advanced Diploma in Entrepreneurship

PEP is the flagship program of the Morph Entrepreneurship School (MES). It is a highly practical program, designed for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs to nurture their entrepreneurial ambitions and enable them to launch new ventures through a rigorous, purposeful, and highly practical learning experience. 

Our Faculty members come from Microsoft, Google, Shell, Flutterwave, Nigerian Breweries, NNPC, Jobberman, Schlumberger, Coca-Cola, PwC, BUA Cement, and other great organizations. 

The Morph Entrepreneurship School (MES) believes in “Learning by Doing”. Therefore, for PEP, we have adopted a blended pedagogy with a healthy balance of “Thinking– Doing”. 

The course distributes 30% of the total time for hybrid classroom teaching, 30% at Start-Up lab and 40% in your own venture. The programme has a variety of “hands-on” activities that are intensive, group-oriented and interactive. These include field trips, business simulations; visits to Start-Up companies, guest Entrepreneur sessions and other off-campus activities. Classroom teaching shall also include case studies on various facets of entrepreneurship.

Program Format

The program pre-recorded courseware, thrice weekly live Zoom sessions, 20 hours of classroom engagement comprising of videos, flash cases, challenge assignments, labs, written materials, webinars etc. delivered by a global faculty coordinated by Engr. Efosa Idemudia.

Certificates of achievement will be awarded at the end of the program.

See Course Full Details Here

Ask yourself:

  • Am I passionate about launching or working for a start-up?
  • Would I take a job in a small, high potential firm at 50% market salary and stock?
  • Do I love technology, but want to go beyond invention to application and commercialization?
  • Am I willing to take risks for a potentially very high return, and then work hard to succeed?

If you answer “yes” to at least 3 of these questions, PEP is for you!

The Young Entrepreneur’s (YE) Boardroom

A Board-To-One Business Advisory and Coaching within a Boardroom setting.

The Young Entrepreneur’s Boardroom is a one-of-a-kind business clinic dedicated to entrepreneurship where a young business owner will benefit from the confidence, experience, and no-nonsense, incisive perspective of The YE Board. The Board has proven experience and expertise in all aspects of running and growing a business, including organizational strategy, sales and marketing, branding, financial performance, and operations.

It is a new approach towards tackling the challenges of entrepreneurs running and growing their businesses, by pooling the experience and expertise of other entrepreneurs, decision-makers, subject matter experts, and influential individuals(the Board) who provide strategic guidance, tailored business advice, and mentoring, focusing on their unique business situations and growth visions that produce results.

The YE Boardroom’s Business Advisory Service delivers:

  • Tailored business advice and mentoring, focusing on your unique business situation and growth vision.
  • Address core business challenges peculiar to the business environment and perform practical actions to raise your business to the next level.
  • Insight into your barriers to growth, core challenges, and the practical actions you need to take, to raise your business to the next level.
  • Access to Growth Accelerator and Business Growth Service: Government-backed business-coaching co-investment, workshops, and matched training funding.
  • More than providing a networking platform, it delivers a little more structure, and accountability for progress with key goals and performance indicators to ensure that your business keeps on track

Metamorphoō Programme

MYLI’s Metamorphoō Programme is a Leadership Program for young people who want to learn more about themselves while building their confidence and competency around concepts such as leadership development, ideas and innovation management. Students form small teams, choose a problem to tackle, and create an innovative solution that makes an impact. We pair teams with mentors who have expertise in their project area, to help turn their ideas into meaningful action. By the end of the program, participants are charged with creating a project, whether through art, literature or technology, teaching their peers about a cause that matters to them. The program has the potential to culminate at a National Pitch where teams compete for funding to scale and expand their projects. We strive to cultivate a National community of change makers, and students form cross-cultural friendships with other students around the nation throughout the program.

Note: MYLI will accept up to 20 young people to participate in the program. Smaller classrooms allow us to maintain low adult to student ratios, provide greater opportunities for personalized attention and support, and promote more accountability and involvement in the learning experience.​

Program Dates

This is a 4-week program hosted on Saturdays.


Program Format

4 Virtual Training Sessions/Classroom-based training Sessions where possible.

Each Saturday Session Lasts 2 Hours

Download Parental Consent Form

Life/Soft Skills Programme

MYLI’s Life Skills Program focuses on teaching young people the transitional skills that are most relevant to their living independently as an adult such as finding and keeping a job, starting a business, money and time management, making healthy choices and more. The aim of the program is to equip them with the life skills needed for their well-being, confidence and safety as they navigate high school, postsecondary education, employment and other life milestones. Each lesson aims to enhance daily living, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making, communication, relationship management, empathy, academic, employability and social skills so they may become more self-sufficient and achieve their long-term goals.

Program Dates

This is a 6-week program hosted on Saturdays 

Program Format

6 Virtual Training Sessions/Classroom-based training Sessions where possible.


Download Parental Consent Form

Financial Literacy Programme

In just 60-90 minutes per week over a 4 week period, we will help the youth learn all the basics of finance—including how to make money, budget and save—in easy to understand terms. Each lesson in the curriculum provides a unique, engaging approach to financial literacy that meets the youths where they are, and helps them apply their knowledge to gradually more complex scenarios.

Note: MYLI will accept up to 15 young people to participate in the program. Smaller classrooms allow us to maintain low adult to student ratios, provide greater opportunities for personalized attention and support, and promote more accountability and involvement in the learning experience.​

Program Dates

This is a 4-week program hosted on Saturdays.


Program Format

4 Classroom-based Training Sessions

Each Saturday Session Lasts Up to 90 Minutes


Entrepreneurship Development Program

Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP)

The Entrepreneurship Development Programme has been designed specifically to create awareness among young people about various facets of entrepreneurship as an alternative career option, as also to highlight the merits of pursuing such an option. It gives the necessary knowledge and skills for the aspiring young entrepreneurs to find new business opportunities, and to develop the entrepreneurship culture amongst them. Entrepreneurship education cannot be confined to the boundaries of regular classroom teaching and learning, therefore, in EDP visits to the industries located in the region is also arranged to bring the students in direct touch with practicing entrepreneurs. 

Certificate in New Product Development (CNPD)

Innovating and commercializing new products is complex, risky and involves tireless work. It requires a comprehensive, interdisciplinary development process. Each year thousands of new products hit the market. Many are launched with great excitement and fanfare only to quietly disappear without ever showing a return on investment. 

While nothing can ensure new product success, the New Product Development course will show you several steps you can take to increase the probability: from clearer product strategies to strong business cases, from more cohesive team efforts to superior launch planning.

The goal of Certificate in New Product Development (CNPD) is teach the learners about innovation and development of new products and services. This covers foundational elements to advanced issues in product development. This is a practicum oriented course where learners will have to undertake a project work in product development, from start to finish. 

Mentoring Program

MYLI mentors serve as positive role models who provide both inspiration and instruction. Through our mentoring program, the MYLI engages youth and young adults in an individualized and community-based process that facilitates growth towards greater self-sufficiency and successful goal achievement through a guided series of exploration, life skills training, mentoring and future planning.

Program Location

We offer a hybrid mentoring format (virtual, phone, and/or in-person) based on the comfort level of each individual mentoring pair.

Program Dates

This is a 6-month one-to-one mentorship program. Monthly mentoring sessions are scheduled individually by each mentoring pair.

Program Format

6 One-to-One Mentoring Sessions (1/Month)

Each Session Lasts 1 Hour

Sessions Held Monthly for 6 Months

Sessions Scheduled Individually 

Download Parental Consent Form

ICSS Entrepreneurship Development Programme

MYLI in partnership with GIZ/SEDIN has introduced the ICSS (Inspire, Create, Start and Scale) Entrepreneurship Development Programme into its curriculum. 

The programme is aimed at; “Creating Business Development Opportunities through Entrepreneurship Training and Coaching Measures”. The training is delivered using the blended learning model of combining online and in-person training. The content of the training has been designed to be rolled out using a modular approach that builds from INSPIRE, to CREATE, to START, and SCALE.

The ICSS entrepreneurship modules are developed to meet entrepreneurs at every stage of their development.

The INSPIRE module teaches about the economy and employment options. This includes employment, entrepreneurship and self-employment. Trainees will be introduced to various strategies and tools that will help to make an informed decision about future career paths. There are lots of practical guidance that takes trainees through the process, from the first job interview to the first day on the new job and managing finances going forward. Trainees learn how to market themselves and develop the necessary documentation such as CV’s and cover letters.

The CREATE module walks trainees through the entire process of setting up an enterprise, from helping to identify the right business idea to registering the business to become official. It teaches creative approaches to apply, such as design thinking and prototyping to aid this process. Various tools and strategies are included, like the business canvas model. It includes investing, budgeting and record keeping to ensure due diligence. There is a focus on generating sales as well as understanding how to finance the enterprise through capital, pricing and revenue, as well as a section dedicated to learning to pitch to investors.

The START module takes participants through the entire process of creating their own business plan. Each topic walks you through the different components, so by the end of the module they will have their own business plan ready to go. This includes elements such as the economic and marketing plan, as well as production, operations, organization and management. This will ensure participants have a coherent business and that they start on the best possible footing. In addition to this, they learn how to access finance and register the business. The module builds the capacity to pitch to potential investors and conduct your own market research.