Frequently Asked Questions

The YE-Hub is the Young-Entrepreneurs’ Support Platform of MYLI. It is an online community we provide employment and income opportunities for the Nigerian youth, where we adopt an integrated approach towards employment promotion by combining measures on the labor supply side (promotion of technical, vocational, soft skills education and training with interventions on the labor demand side (private sector development and access to finance for MSME) as well as labor market intermediation (matching, placement support, and labor market information). Within the YE-Hub, we aim at creating employment by reducing constraints in labor supply, labor demand and matching. Employment encompasses wage- and self-employment, formal and informal employment, as well as a full-time and part-time employment. The YE-Hub is also designed for networking between independent business people. When you’re flying solo, collaboration with peers beats competing with them; where like-minded business people can share resources, opportunities and referrals. If you’re feeling isolated or invisible, join others who are going it alone too — and go it alone, together.

The YE-Hub is open to anyone over 15years with an interest in engaging with others around the topic of independent business. Freelancers, contractors, CEOs, business students, and day-jobbers with dreams of running their own show one day, are welcome. The YE-Hub does not permit those representing network marketing or multi-level marketing companies. See MYLI’s No-MLM Policy.

Do it for selfish reasons. If you’re feeling the isolation of working alone; if you’ve launched your business and are eager to get noticed; if you’re looking to glean new ideas and concepts from peers who’ve been there; if you’re looking to up-skill yourself; you’re looking to get a side-hustle, work, market opportunity;  if you like socializing and networking with like-minded business people; if you’re studying business or thinking of leaving a day job and striking out on your own; if you have business expertise and acumen to share with others; the YE-Hub is an excellent place to network with others just like you.

Do it because you want an alternative to the same-old. The YE-Hub is not another “Facebook for business” or a LinkedIn clone. The YE-Hub is not a tool for broadcasting to potential customers, it’s a peer networking tool for finding potential customers through peers. We follow a 95/5 Principle in nearly everything we do. That’s not just different, that’s radical.

The YE-Hub is more than a web site or networking tool, the YE-Hub is a community, a movement — it’s a new way of engaging with your peers. Part of the YE-Hub ethos is guided by the 95/5 Principle. 95% of contributions on the YE-Hub must be helpful and relevant to growing an independent business. Self-promotion and self-interested contributions must be limited to 5%.

If the purpose was to broadcast your message to potential customers then the YE-Hub would be another marketing platform — but the YE-Hub isn’t that. It’s a peer-to-peer business networking platform. Marketing is about fishing where the fish are. Business networking is about finding like-minded fishermen and sharing your tools. Get the difference?

The primary reason people use the YE-Hub is learning while earning and forming new relationships with other independent business people. What you do with those relationships is dependent on you and your type of business. Some members find clients inside the YE-Hub, others find collaborators and partners. A fair number learn from the myriad of coaches and business experts who publish articles and host workshops.

The short answer is that you shouldn’t expect your clients to be here. With the exception of business coaches and consultants, the YE-Hub is a network platform, not a marketing platform. Inside the YE-Hub, you’ll find a community of peers who can send you new clients — yes — but they can also introduce you to new resources, opportunities and ideas. Come here with that expectation, and the rewards are limitless!

Throughout the site, members are displayed by their membership level followed by their activity score. Activity is measured by participation. Taking courses, attending events and publishing articles earns the most activity points. Commenting in a conversation, sending a compliment, following, liking and sharing on our social media pages; and inviting others to join the YE-Hub also earn activity points. Activity points are time sensitive, so if you want to stay at the top, you must participate consistently and regularly.

TIP: Whether you’re new to the YE-Hub or an old veteran, with the YE-Hub’s participation algorithm you can tell at a glance who the most active people are. If someone’s near the top of the list they’re likely to be interested in this community, and would likely be receptive to a message from you – provided it’s not spam, of course. The YE-Hub is a platform for relationship building, so it’s important to remember that on the YE-Hub, you have to earn the right to market to someone. That means you have to establish a relationship BEFORE you try to sell yourself.

Use the “Forgot password” link in any one of the log in screens, and a message that directs you to a page where you can create a new password will be emailed to the email address used to create the account.

If you no longer have access to the email address used to create the account, contact us at and we’ll help. You can also call send a message via Whatsapp on 234-811 008 6398. We respond to emails all hours day and night.

Great! “90% of success is showing up.” So the first thing to do as a MYLIAN on the YE-Hub is show up. Showing up can take many forms. Schedule and take courses; You can attend an event or take the lead and host your own workshop or networking social. You can publish an article or join the discussion in one someone else has published. You can access the Jobs Board. You can start a conversation in the forum, or participate in one that’s already begun. You can join a group or form your own. The YE-Hub will not magically introduce you to others, but it does provide the platform for meeting others, and the tools to make it easier to build stronger relationships.