About us

Who We Are

Metamorph Youth Leadership Institute (MYLI) is a youth-focused leadership development organization raising leaders through interventions that bridge the gap in leadership, education, employability and entrepreneurship. We tap into the passion, creativity, and ingenuity of all young people in Africa to make meaning change happen.

MYLI offers a variety of paths to reach transformational excellence and maximize potentials through online content, customized professional and entrepreneurship development, tools, resources, and more. We are leading the way to address real personal, business, community and world issues with all young people in Africa, inspiring them to Learn. Serve. Earn. Amass Experience. Change their world.

Our Values

Leadership by and with youth for all

We recognize youth as partners in decision-making. When given the opportunity to lead, youth understand their rights and obligation to act in the benefit of the public good. From young people who are affected by issues, to adult allies who work with them, we actively build shared leadership that creates space for each person to take ownership and affect change.



Stewardship through trust and transparency

We acknowledge that trust is a function of these two things: character which includes integrity, and competence which includes skills and results. We aim to demonstrate congruence between our actions and words. We strive to act as responsible stewards of our stakeholders’ and the public’s trust, our resources, and mission. Our goal is to be transparent and hold ourselves accountable to our processes, outcomes, organizational partnerships, relationships, and show leadership in getting results in a way that inspires trust.

Teacher studying school books in class with high school kids

Growth and Learning 

Cultivate communities through inspired individuals 

We support individual growth and development with the intention to engage the larger community in a higher public purpose. Our work and relationships with other individuals, organizations, and partners are catalysts for growth of whole persons. We constantly seek improvement through these interactions with others, through formal and informal learning experiences, and through self-reflection. We promote capacity-building in both adults and youths people by identifying, affirming, and drawing on individual passions and strengths. We strive to create belonging and connectedness not only through our programs, but also in our professional relationships.


We affirm all perspectives with respect and appreciation and believe groups and individuals are made stronger through differences. Recognizing that there is tension among interests, we gain a stronger perspective on issues when we approach them with vulnerability and humility. By embracing our differences, we can find common purpose.

Youth Voice

We recognize youth as partners in decision making. We actively build shared leadership that creates space for youth to take ownership and affect change.

Our Strategy

You know our mission and our values, now here’s what we aim to achieve. We want to achieve. We want to equip hundreds of thousands of young entrepreneurs and leaders through our products/services with the goal of training and developing 100,000 youths annually by 2028. Our strategic thrust is to lead and facilitate scalable and measurable solutions that are transformative in maximizing and releasing the potentials of the young people to achieve socioeconomic change. 

How do we aim to do this? Here’s our Strategy

We aim to achieve our goals by:

Stimulating their entrepreneurial mindsets

Celebrating and supporting youths to lead change in their own lives, those of others and those in their communities by sharing stories of youth led change and building supportive networks for the youth in our programs

Providing creative, innovative, entrepreneurial, scalable solutions that nurture the unconventional skills and talents leverage the inherent potentials of the youths to effectively define and achieve their goals. 

Adding value by actively partnering and collaborating with organizations, institutions, individuals and corporations where possible.

Preparing and guiding young entrepreneurs to be successful business owners, creating employment opportunities confidence