College Entrepreneurship Awareness Program- (Diploma in Entrepreneurship)

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Program Overview

The world at large is increasingly waking up to the wonders of young prodigies who have managed to impact modern-day lives through their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit. Recognition of entrepreneurship as a separate career option has been more evident through the gradual introduction and proliferation of entrepreneurship courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels across Colleges/Institutions globally.

The College Entrepreneurship Awareness Program (CEAP) is a highly practical program designed for students in colleges (universities, polytechnics, etc.) entrepreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs to nurture their entrepreneurial ambitions and enable new ventures through an academically rigorous, directly relevant and highly practical learning experience. It runs for 8 weeks leading to the qualification of a Diploma in Entrepreneurship.

Programme Objective

This course offers entrepreneurial individuals the opportunity to gain the high quality, structured and specific learning. CEAP is an immersive programme which begins from self awareness to understanding concepts of entrepreneurship and applying this knowledge for venture creation. 

The objectives include:

  • Driving entrepreneurial skills and ambitions
  • Learning to get new ideas and convert them into opportunity
  • Developing business plans and making a pitch to investors community
  • Building networks for entrepreneurship
  • Developing new ventures
  • Building essential personal skills of an entrepreneur

Courses Taught in CEAP

The College Entrepreneurship Awareness Program has 5 courses covering the following: 

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • This course enables students to develop a critical understanding of entrepreneurship and the interacting factors involved in developing an idea into an entrepreneurial venture. Students will also gain a solid grounding in the fundamental personal skills of entrepreneurship as a basis from which to continue their personal development throughout the program.
  • Idea to Opportunity 
  • This course enables students to both understand and perform the detailed research and analysis involved in investigating an idea as a potential entrepreneurial venture. Students also learn about the key business concepts involved in assessing the marketability and viability of an innovative idea or product.
  • New Enterprise Strategy
  • This course enables students to understand the strategic pillars of a new enterprise. They are exposed to applied concepts of business model design, value chain analysis, “more for less”, bootstrapping, etc. to enable them to plan and create new ventures.  
  • Writing Business Plan
  • This course enables students to develop a full, robust business case and a detailed financial plan for a business opportunity. Students will also gain more advanced personal skills such as entrepreneurial leadership and team building.
  • Managing Early Stage Ventures
  • This course enables students to lay the foundations for a successful entrepreneurial venture by considering the impact and influence of regulatory frameworks, legal requirements, human resource strategies, business partnerships, stakeholders, and their interests. In addition, students will look forward to the growth of the venture and how their role may evolve.